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Everything You Need to Know about The New SAT

Background on the New SAT

For students in the United States, the new SAT was first administered in March of 2024. This test, known as the DSAT, is completely digital, and students are allowed to take it on a laptop or tablet. The digital device that they use can be their own or one that the College Board or their school has lent them.

One of the other most notable changes relative to the old SAT is that the DSAT is an hour shorter, with a duration of only two hours and 14 minutes. Additionally, the DSAT is "adaptive", which means that as the test goes along, the questions that they need to answer will be determined not only by how well they did on earlier questions on their exam but also by which particular questions that they got correct. Therefore, the collection of questions on the DSAT will be particular to each student.

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