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Meet Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she majored in Psychology and Mathematical Methods for Social Sciences with a focus in statistical analysis. She has been tutoring for 7 years, and she often works with students needing support in math and science. Her math/science students’ grade levels range from middle school to senior year of high school, and she has a consistent track record of helping her students achieve their goals. She has supported them in order to help them earn 5’s on their AP exams, and, in general, her students have worked their way up to earning A’s on quizzes and tests in school. Teaching is one of her biggest passions; she finds seeing how my much her students grow to be amazingly rewarding. She is very much willing to support her students in meaningful ways particular to their needs, and she is always a patient collaborator with families.  


Her experience working with children also includes working for AmeriCorps, through which she received intensive training and professional development in early childhood education; in language, literacy, and social-emotional skill development; and in building and tailoring inclusive learning environments to support children’s strengths. 


Outside of tutoring, Kaitilin love watching movies, cooking, and traveling. Her interests also include designing and managing musicals for students involved in performing arts.    

She is available to tutor students in AP Calculus (AB and BC), Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, SAT Math, ACT Math, ACT Science, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics Algebra-based 1 & 2, Chinese (all levels), and general support for primary school students.   

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