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Meet Joss 

Joss holds a B.A. with distinction and an M.A. from Stanford University. As an undergraduate, he majored in Music Composition, and as a graduate student, he earned a Master’s degree in Music, Science, and Technology. He has earned advanced certifications in French and Mandarin Chinese, and he was valedictorian of Harvard-Westlake high school. While there, he earned a 5, the top score possible, on 9 different AP exams. Joss specializes in test-prep for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT, as well as academic topics including coding, physics, math from pre-algebra to advanced calculus, music theory, French, Mandarin Chinese, and more! 


He is a seasoned tutor, distinguished by his dedication and enthusiasm, drawing on his unique background at the intersection of the arts and STEM to break down concepts in an accessible way for any student. He is particularly attentive to the unique challenges facing today's high achieving students and equally invested in helping learners still coming into their own achieve their full potential. He draws on his performing experience as a professional actor and singer to deliver engaging and empathetic instruction. He enjoys tutoring Socratically, empowering students to use their critical thinking skills to push themselves forward in academic subjects and across their academic careers. He always makes sure to adapt his methods to suit the particular needs of each learner.


A lover of movies, he has had the joy of working as a composer for film and other media. When he’s not tutoring or composing, Joss can be found getting sun from swimming at the beach, running around the tennis court, or hiking up the mountains surrounding his beloved hometown of Los Angeles.

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