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Meet Duncan

Duncan Miller majored in English at Brown University, where he graduated with honors
in nonfiction writing.  His love of mentorship stretches back to his early years in high
school, when he founded a Writing Fellow program with 20 fellows in order to help them
with their academic writing skills. Since then, he has mentored children from elementary
school to college age while strengthening their essay writing. Beyond essay writing, he
has helped dozens of students improve their grades and study skills, assisting them as
they tackle subjects that include Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, U.S. History,
World History, U.S. Government, literature, and more. Many of his students have gone
from getting C’s to earning A’s. He also specializes in ACT, SAT, SAT Subject, and ISEE

As part of his approach, Duncan has employed inventive techniques to embolden his
students: everything from using his own original creative writing prompts for finding
one’s voice, to imagining how a favorite superhero might use a math problem to save his
beloved home city. Duncan always focuses on building the confidence and comfort of his
students, and his tutoring style is personalized to each child, based on a full sense of their
needs and a full assessment of how their strengths can best be harnessed.

Outside of tutoring, Duncan is avid about movies, T.V., and theater. His professional
experience includes production work on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and
television script development for shows sold to NBC and Hulu. Duncan is based in
Brooklyn, where he loves to bike ride and write plays.

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