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Meet Gerry 

Gerry is a highly dedicated educator and admissions consultant with almost thirty years of instructional experience. His expertise includes teaching American and Ancient history at prestigious independent schools such as Horace Mann and Fieldston. His services extend to providing personalized academic support to a diverse range of private tutoring clients, from intelligent and eager 7th graders to ambitious graduate students. His career includes a tenure as the Dean of Students for Prep for Prep, a program celebrated for its success in training and empowering underserved students so they can reach advanced academic heights and for securing their acceptances into the nation’s most selective K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.


As a Learning Specialist and curriculum consultant, Gerry has left his mark on top institutions and programs throughout New York and Washington, D.C. His credentials include certification as a college counselor from UCLA, and he has partnered with numerous families who he has steered through the labyrinth of the fiercely competitive college admissions process.


At the heart of Gerry’s approach lies an empowerment and deep understanding of his students, along with unwavering support. This commitment becomes particularly vital when assisting children and young adults grappling with learning differences, anxiety, and other potential roadblocks to their success. Gerry’s commitment to his students’ well-being and growth is steadfast. For instance, he employs personalized learning strategies, provides emotional support, and collaborates with other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to overcoming these challenges.


Gerry firmly believes that each student has unique qualities and skills waiting to be discovered and harnessed. Identifying these strengths and weaknesses forms the foundation of any academic or college plan he devises. His approach is tailored to each student, meeting their needs and aspirations.


Outside of his work as an educator and admissions consultant, Gerry immerses himself in current events in his leisure time, lends a helping hand to community projects, and indulges in long walks. His professional life is a testament to his dedication to education and students.

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