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Helping your child realize their full potential

Our services include one-on-one tutoring sessions, practice tests, and supplementary assignments tailored to your child's individual needs.

Tannenbaum Tutors, a Manhattan-based education company, offers exceptional tutoring to help students realize their full potential. If your child needs a 34+ ACT score, a 1500+ SAT score, 8’s and 9’s on the ISEE, an Exeter-level SSAT score, Stuyvesant-qualifying results on the SHSAT, outstanding scores on other standardized tests, or A’s in even their hardest classes, we are the tutors to turn to. We also offer expert help for students writing application essays and students navigating challenges resulting from ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, low levels of motivation, and/or issues with executive functioning. 


We offer both in-person and online tutoring.  

Our Tutors




Our tutors are exceptional. Confident and personable, patient and diligent, they possess a comprehensive knowledge of the material and are crystal clear in how they present it. They enjoy learning for its own sake and bring a wonderful energy to tutoring sessions. Jon will be involved in your child’s educational journey, making sure that the entire process is customized based on what your child needs.  Learn more about our tutors here.

Get Started

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Fill out our Intake form

Fill out an intake form. This will help us make sure we maximize the value of your free consultation phone call. 


Book a Call

Schedule your free consultation phone call, during which we'll discuss your child’s individual needs. We'll recommend one of our exceptional tutors. Our tutors are happy to take part in an introductory Zoom call or Google meeting so that you and your child get to meet them before the first lesson. 


Schedule a Lesson/Test

Schedule an initial lesson and/or a diagnostic test. If your child takes a diagnostic test, we will have the results for you within a day or two and we'll discuss the diagnostic results and your child’s tailored game plan. 


Monthly Payments

Pay on a monthly basis. We do not require any minimum number of hours of tutoring. We email monthly invoices, and you can pay by Zelle or check.

"When I started preparing for the ACT, I had high aspirations but never did I imagine I could score a 36 overall the first time taking the test.  Jon prepared me so well.  My favorite part of our sessions was that we got right to business and didn't waste time. I recommend Jon to anyone looking to study for the ACT efficiently to get the best score they can." 
- Henry B.
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